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Jackson Sherman, Junior at University of Hartford

Deirdre L. Bibby Memorial Visual Arts Award

Jackson Sherman Thank You to FVL

Jackson Sherman Thank You to FVL

The Artistic Journey of Jackson Sherman: A Passion for Illustration and Animation


Jackson Sherman, a junior in the Fall of 2023, is a young artist with a deep passion for 2D art, focusing on illustration and animation. His artistic journey began in his early years when the freedom to create through coloring and drawing ignited his artistic flame.


Jackson's major is Illustration, and he has taken several illustration classes, which have significantly enhanced his artistic skills. In the "Introduction to Illustration" class, he learned various techniques like crosshatching, ink wash, pointillism, and scratchboard, expanding his artistic repertoire.


In the "Figure Illustration" class, Jackson delved into the intricacies of proportions and figure drawing, leading to substantial growth in his skills. "Drawing for Illustration" has allowed him to explore comic art techniques, proportion, and perspective.


Drawing inspiration from artists like David Finch, Odunze Whyte Oguguo, Ross Tran, Mark Brunet, and Chommang, Jackson's unique style has been influenced by their diversity.


While animation is his minor, Jackson cherishes illustration as his primary means of artistic expression. He has found animation equally enjoyable, as it offers not only creative satisfaction but also potential career opportunities.


Jackson Sherman's journey is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in the world of art. His love for illustration and animation promises a bright future in the creative realm.

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